Idil Biret gave 1st prize to young pianist Emir İlgen

The Istanbul Philharmonic Society, Faruk Erengül 2019 National Piano Competition, which was organized between 4-9 March to support young and talented musicians, ended with the Competition Final and Award Ceremony on Saturday, March 9 after two qualifying rounds. The chairmanship of Idil Biret Judith Uluğ, Ali Darmar, Prof. Metin Ülkü, Assoc. Gökhan Aybulus, MD The first prize was shared by Salih Haşim Aktaş and Emir İlgen as a result of the evaluation of the jury, which included Aydın Karlıbel, Can Okan and Eren Aydoğan. Two young talents received their prize from Biret and Erengül. Second prize was given to Özgür Deniz Akalın by Judith Uluğ and third prize to Izem Gürer by Ali Darmar. İdil Biret, çok All the pianists I listened to this week of the competition, gave us very happy moments. In our country, it is very pleasing to have such a high level of pianism and musical level. I always wish them to go on the hard but beautiful road with courage and faith. El He congratulated all the contestants and thanked all those who succeeded in this organization, which was open to listeners Faruk Erengül, who was born in 1926, who dedicated his life to music. In addition to the jury members and the main supporter Erengül, the Chairman of the IFD, Alp Altıner, presented a certificate of appreciation to the institutions and organizations including İTÜ, İDSO and Antonina Turizm who supported the competition.

Source: Republic 11.03.2019 Monday 17:52 (Updated: 11.03.2019 Monday 18:02)

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